No matter how much information a smartphone can store, it cannot satisfy the need to physically carry a photo ID, cash and a credit card. The Grab N Go Band's unique design solves this problem and safely secures items to the backside of a smartphone.

The Grab N Go Band is made from a specially designed, patent pending die-cut rubber band that stretches diagonally across the back of most modern smartphones, even those in a case. The user can adjust the band to achieve the perfect fit, and it will not interfere with the use of the smartphone touchscreen.

Although not a wallet, the Grab N Go Band is a great short-term substitute for one. It is the solution to the problem of carrying too much stuff, which has been exacerbated by the introduction of smartphones.

The inventor, Danny Wilk, explains, "Smartphones have become an almost indispensable part of people's daily routines, but there's no way to minimize a smartphone. The Grab N Go Band combines the principles of a minimal wallet with a smartphone. Now, users going on short errands, such as walking the dog or going to the gym or grocery store can take everything they need in one hand."

Grab N Go Bands take the minimalist philosophy one step further. Wilk has launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. With fewer than 10 days left, more than 600 backers have pledged over 80% of the funding goal. Clearly, support for minimalist products is strong and stable. The Grab N Go Band is a minimalist's dream.

The convenience of Grab N Go Bands is not their only selling point; they also are offered at a more-than-competitive price. Early bird backers on Kickstarter can pick up 10 bands for just $5. Once the product hits the market, it will retail at 5 for $5, still a remarkable deal. "Quality minimalism should be affordable," noted Wilk.