The National Football League (NFL) today announced its selection of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) as official supplier of end-to-end wireless networking solutions for all media covering Super Bowl XL. The NFL will again leverage Motorola’s expertise in wireless enterprise-class Wi-Fi Internet access points to offer robust and reliable wireless connectivity for the more than 3,000 members of the media covering every pre-game and game-day Super Bowl story.

The Motorola network will enable the media to seamlessly access the Internet and report and file stories easily while moving through several on-site Super Bowl venues. Access areas will include the media center at the General Motors Renaissance Center and Ford Field press areas. Reporters can easily connect to the Internet at these sites using their own laptops and wireless cards.

Media interested in accessing the Motorola network will need their laptop, notebook or PDA equipped with a standard Internet browser and Wi-Fi compliant (802.11b) wireless Ethernet capabilities.

Motorola provides end-to-end networking solutions for the home, small business and enterprise. For Super Bowl XL, Motorola will supply the Motorola WiAP-200, a leading enterprise-class Wi-Fi access point, network switches and servers part of the WiNS portfolio of wireless broadband products.

In addition, Motorola also will deploy its MOTOMESH multi-radio broadband network around the perimeter of Ford Field to enhance public safety measures during the Super Bowl. The MOTOMESH network will deliver seamless video surveillance connectivity and mobile broadband data access over the secure 4.9GHz public safety band to local and federal public safety officials securing the event.