So you think you can predict who will be tending the goals tonight and which team will win the game tomorrow night? Then welcome to, an online prediction game that allows players to buy and sell “prediction stocks” representing events and game results related to the current professionnal hockey season.

Based on the mechanics of predictive markets, and similar to stock markets, but adapted to sports, offers players who register a free $100 000 virtual dollars portfolio to trade predictive stocks. The price of each stock is the equivalent their probability of coming true. As an example, if Toronto stands a 60% chance of beating Montreal in their next game, then the related stock will be priced at $60. If Toronto wins, then the stock’s value rises to $100 and players make a (virtual) profit ! But if Toronto looses, the stock’s value drops to $0. And the players who bought that stock will loose their investment (virtually, of course).