The project’s developers have trusted iWeb’s infrastructure to ensure the
performance and availability of the site during the anticipated high-traffic
periods, notably because of iWeb’s experience with projects whose performance
and availability are key success factors.

A site of this magnitude and depth is a historic first in the world of
professional sports. “Our History” is an easy to use site where virtually all
aspects of the history of the organization can be viewed. Visitors of the
groundbreaking site have access to hundreds of player biographies, videos,
photos and statistics as well as the detailed results of every game played by
the Habs in the last 100 years.

“We are delighted to be helping fans enjoy this historic element of the
Montreal Canadiens’ centennial celebrations,” says Eric Chouinard, President
and CEO of iWeb. The creative teams at Bluesponge and Turbulent Media
completed the development portion of the site, after which iWeb designed,
configured and provisioned a dedicated server “cluster”; an advanced setup
which will ensure top performance at all times; “a vital element to the
success of any large-scale project.” insists Mr. Chouinard.

“It’s important to have a reliable infrastructure, but it must also be
flexible, scalable and should be able to adjust very quickly when traffic
increases,” added Marc Beaudet, President of Turbulent Media, who worked on
the site in partnership with Montreal firm Bluesponge; interactive partner of
the Montreal Canadiens.

The historic site is located at: