The DATA Group Income Fund announced the launch of new web-based direct marketing services. “Our new services will help our clients optimize their marketing investment by integrating their marketing communications. We are enabling clients and their agencies to plan, create, deploy and monitor complete marketing campaigns across multiple media channels through our single online interface,” said Michael Suksi, President and CEO of The DATA Group.

“At The DATA Group, we believe this is the future of marketing,” said Mr. Suksi. “Many of our clients are asking for a one-stop solution to create exciting direct marketing campaigns that provide personalized, compelling offers to each of their customers. These campaigns involve a combination of data analysis, creative design, print and electronic messaging, as well as reporting on each campaign’s results. We are very pleased to be able to offer these new cross-channel marketing services to meet the growing demand. The opportunities to combine these services with our existing gift card, direct mail and web-based print solutions are tremendous. In addition, we are enthusiastic about how well cross-channel marketing fits with our recently announced acquisition of the Fulfillment Solutions Advantage Inc. (“FSA”) and FSA Datalytics Canada Inc. (“Datalytics”).”

FSA provides services in the growing area of digital direct mail, fulfillment, loyalty programs, promotional contest management and call centre services. Datalytics provides complimentary personalized direct marketing through a number of integrated channels such as mobile communications, email and personalized web pages, as well as database marketing services such as social media monitoring and predictive analysis of consumer data.

“We anticipate combining The DATA Group’s new cross-channel services with FSA’s and Datalytics’ offering. This will expand our combined capability and capacity in this exciting new area,” said Mr. Suksi.

“Our cross-channel offering eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors, content versions and creative design processes in that all the various channels converge in one central hub, enabling us to effectively integrate and track all communication,” said Tanya Stambolic, Vice President, Digital and Direct Marketing Solutions at The DATA Group. “The result is simplified yet more effective targeting of customers using their media preferences. Among the benefits of cross-channel marketing are increased efficiency, higher response rates and more in-depth, accurate reporting.”

“Cross-channel marketing is delivered through DATA’s Cross-Channel HUB, an online solution that enables clients to automatically target an array of channels using personalized variable content,” continued Ms. Stambolic.

These channels include direct mail, email, personalized URLS (PURLS), mobile applications, personalized gift cards, and social media networks. The Cross-Channel HUB is flexible and can be delivered either as a managed full-service solution where DATA provides clients and their agencies with all hosting and marketing support, or as a service that clients manage themselves. The solution is fully scalable and can support single users or multiple franchisees.