For many, that means making a long distance phone call
to extend warm wishes for the Holiday season.
Here are some interesting facts about long distance calling during the
Holiday season courtesy of the TELUS Team.

– On Christmas Day 2005, TELUS carried 2.3 million international long
distance calls and 14.6 million domestic long distance calls.

– TELUS estimates that Canadians coast-to-coast made more than
50 million long distance calls last Christmas day.

– Average call duration for Christmas Day international calling is
about 10 minutes.

– Average call duration on a typical business day for domestic calling
is three to four minutes, while evening calls average seven minutes.

– The peak calling period for international calling is typically early
Christmas morning. The sheer volume of traffic can make it difficult
to reach some countries at peak times, so patience may be necessary.
The most commonly called countries are Australia, Germany, India,
Italy, Philippines and the United Kingdom.

– Domestic calling usually peaks between 9 a.m. and noon local time,
with a second less significant surge between 4 and 6 p.m. local time.

– Weather can affect Holiday long distance traffic. If the weather is
good, people tend to travel more and call less. When the weather is
poor, long distance traffic increases.