Handmark, a global leader in mobile media, and the Canadian
telecommunications company TELUS announced today an agreement to bring
Handmark powered services to TELUS clients. Handmark is providing an updated
version of its popular Pocket Express application on TELUS smartphones that
features travel services tailored for the mobile professional along with the
ability to download content download digital content including applications,
games and ringtones directly on their smartphone.

Pocket Express offers a comprehensive suite of breaking news, sports,
weather and stock updates, residential and business directory searches and
movie times. Pocket Express on TELUS smartphones delivers a powerful
collection of travel services with airline schedules and flight status updates
from the Official Airlines Guide (OAG(R)) including details on more than
75,000 daily departures from more than 3,500 airports around the world.

In addition to providing TELUS with the award-winning Pocket Express
service, Handmark is also powering a new desktop Web store at
telusmobility.com/mobileapps where TELUS customers can discover and purchase
top quality applications, games, and content for their smartphone.

Most new TELUS smartphones will come preloaded with Pocket Express. As
well, existing clients can download the Pocket Express application at

“Treo, BlackBerry, and other smartphone customers on the TELUS network
now have instant, and most importantly, easy to use access to essential
information on the go through Pocket Express,” said Paul Reddick, Handmark

Handmark also created an integrated billing system that makes it easy for
TELUS customers to purchase content for their smartphone. Any purchase a
customer makes within the Pocket Express store on their device or through the
Web store will seamlessly show up on their monthly TELUS bill.

“It is our passion and our purpose to present our clients with the best
products and services on the market to create the best mobile experience
possible,” said David Neale, TELUS senior vice-president of Products and
Services. “Handmark has a proven track record of delivering excellent mobile
media, including Pocket Express, and we are confident that our customers will
be pleased with the outcomes of this partnership.”