Slingbox 350. Retail $179.00              SlingBox 500. Retail $300.00



Ever missed your favourite TV show while away from home? Ever considered cancelling a dinner party just because you'll miss an important game from your local team? With the new Slingbox models from Sling Media you never have to choose again.

How does it work?

A slingbox  allows you to control your satellite or cable box  with your Android, IPad or any other device.  The slingbox gives you direct access to your cable box, meaning you can watch on your smartphone or IPad, the same programs that you have in your home.  It connects to anything system that has a video output. And, you get to watch in HD! No distance is too far. With wireless or 3G access you are connected  Worldwide. No more missing local sports games while you are on business trips or vacation. You can watch your favourite shows on your tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC without the extra fees!

You can also watch your personal videos or pictures from your harddrive on your big TV screen. You do not even have to leave the house to take advantage of the Slingbox. No matter where you are, the opportunities are endless. Bryan Jacquet from SlingMedia comments on his personal experience "As my wife does not want to have more televisions in the house…I now have a walking television. I take my personal TV in the hammock in the backyard, in the kitchen and wherever I go "


Left: Dirk Wyckoff, Director of Sales, Sling Media.
Right: Brian Jaquet, Public Relations, Sling Media.

With the new slingbox models the set-up is very easy and faster than ever before as it sets directly on your TV.  The picture quality is also improved, previous bugs are eliminated and it is has less clutter. The new design is also much nicer to look at. The 350 entrance model which is lower priced than the previous models makes it more affordable and has the same high resolution 1080p as the slingbox 500 for ($300 retail). The high end 500 slingbox has more features like built-in WIFi that makes it more convenient to set up.

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