This new
service, combined with Telephia’s currently available Canadian consumer
surveys of network quality, will be a powerful source of insight for Canadian
carriers seeking to improve their service quality.
The Telephia Drive Test Program is the first and only syndicated service
of its kind in Canada to measure voice and data network quality. The service
will cover 6,000+ road miles annually in at least five major markets in Canada
during the second half of 2006, and carrier customers who subscribe will use
it to help optimize overall network performance.

The company has invested more than $5 million on state-of-the art testing
equipment, software, and a new operations center, and has secured more than 80
percent market share of the U.S. benchmark drive test market. In the U.S., the
Telephia Drive Test Program covers more than 300 geographic markets with
nearly one million miles driven annually. Telephia is the gold standard for
network drive testing, with best-in-class testing set-ups supported by
extensive research and lab testing, proprietary post processing and quality
control tools, and scientific, repeatable processes for drive route

Telephia research shows that network quality is critical to overall
satisfaction and subscriber loyalty. The latest report from the Canadian
Telephia Attitude and Behavior Survey (Canadian TABS) reveals that network
experience and satisfaction is responsible for 41 percent of overall
satisfaction, while price and handset satisfaction are also important drivers
of overall satisfaction (see Table 1). Additional Telephia analysis shows that
Canadian subscribers with low satisfaction are nearly 50 percent more likely
to leave their current carrier in the next 12 months.
“Canadian carriers continue to build out capacity and improve the
reliability of their networks every year,” said Jesse Goranson, Senior Vice
President, Account Management — Telephia. “The fact that network quality is a
key driver in overall satisfaction for Canadian subscribers underscores the
importance of having a reliable, third-party source that accurately measures
network performance. Telephia is the pioneer in mobile measurement and is the
standard research source for the wireless industry.”