Online wireless retailer LetsTalk announced the results of a survey of U.S. teenagers on their use of cell phones. The respondents, aged 10-18, overwhelmingly chose text messaging as their most important feature beyond voice calls, with very few teens identifying functionality such as video, email, instant messaging (IM) or a music player as the most important feature on a cell phone.

The survey asked a representative sampling of teens in the United States between ages 10 and 18, what is your cell phone’s most important feature, and found:

— 66% of females aged 16-18 consider texting the most important feature;
compared to just 49% of males in same age group
— 35% of males aged 10-12 consider games the most important feature;
nearly three times the average teen
— Despite efforts by carriers, mobile video is not considered the most
important feature for any teen segment
— Camera phones are the 2nd most popular feature behind text messaging.
On average, 27% of teen females thought camera phones were the most
important feature; 25% of males.

The aggregate responses for teens in terms of their most important cell phone feature:

Texting — 49%
Camera — 25%
Games — 12%
Music player — 5%
IM — 5%
E-mail — 2%
Video — 2%

“Are cell phones changing and doing more than ever before? Absolutely. Do teens look at their phones today and see much more than a cell phone or texting device? No.” said Delly Tamer, founder and CEO of “Past research from has shown that many consumers don’t rely on their cell phones for everything, and teens today seem to be telling us the same thing.”