SECNAP Network Security Corporation t announced the addition of an innovative hosted spam solution to the company’s extensive anti-spam product line. Hosted SpammerTrap leverages the same user-friendly software as the popular SECNAP SpammerTrap line of email security devices to deliver virtually 100% accuracy around the clock.

SpammerTrap technology leads the industry in effectively blocking spam while allowing legitimate email to be received. A unique combination of 40 real-time blacklists, innovative email sender reputation filter, heuristics filtering, and highly efficient email firewall enable SpammerTrap to quickly filter out the spam, viruses and phishing emails that plague organizations’ networks and reduce employee productivity.

Customers who need a proven spam solution but prefer to let the experts manage it for them are ideal candidates for the hosted service, which offers the ultimate in convenience and effectiveness. With Hosted SpammerTrap there is no hardware to purchase and therefore no capital expense. It is available to any size company, and integrates easily into third-party email programs or servers including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise and others. For a limited time, an introductory promotion offers a free month of service, and a free virtual demonstration is available as well.

According to Ilan Zachar, chief information officer for Gazit Group USA, “We were using a competitor’s hosted service (Postini) but found that we required some functionality they didn’t offer. After speaking with SECNAP and seeing a demonstration of their hosted solution, we didn’t hesitate to make the switch.”

The scope of the spam problem is enormous and ongoing, and spam negatively impacts businesses and their budgets on a daily basis in many ways. Effects include reduced employee productivity, erosion of network bandwidth, depletion of network storage capacity, and time wasted by online technical help in remediating spam issues. In addition, spam renders a business susceptible to viruses and other malware, and can create a perception that a business is vulnerable to attack. Recent research indicates that spam costs businesses more than $700 per employee annually.

“SpammerTrap and Hosted SpammerTrap represent the leading edge of anti-spam technology, and both are supported 24/7 by our expert technical team,” said Michael Scheidell, chief technology officer for SECNAP. “We’re currently the only leading provider of network and email security services to offer customer-premise anti-spam appliances as well as a hosted solution, and we’re continuing to innovate all the time.”