TakeOffeh.com is the first consumer travel site
to deliver the real deal: unbiased travel content. The site aggregates travel
intelligence in the form of daily news, insider commentary, tips and videos
with advice from travel industry experts.

Maclean’s Magazine and Macleans.ca have chosen the travel industry
experts at TakeOffeh.com to provide content for the newly launched Maclean’s
Travel Section. Through this partnership, Maclean’s readers benefit from
TakeOffeh.com’s unique expertise.

“Our concept is based on giving consumers candid, unapologetic travel
content, to help them navigate through a very competitive marketplace”
explains co-founder Nina Slawek.

Business partner, Suzanne Christie, says she’s not afraid to tell it like
it is. “Years of working in travel has shown me that consumers are tired of
being “sold”. They want to understand how it all works”.

TakeOffeh.com’s Travel Market is another unique concept. It allows
specialty travel designers all across Canada to list their product offers. The
Travel Market aggregates an array of unique travel offers not available in one
place anywhere else on the web.