Tadpole Computer today announced that it will expand its portfolio of 64-bit notebooks and develop a notebook offering based on the AMD Opteron™ processor. The new line of notebooks will come pre-installed with Sun Microsystems’ Java™ Desktop System and will be available to the market in the second quarter of 2004. Tadpole’s forthcoming notebooks will offer a growing customer base unparalleled security against virus attacks, simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit application support, and extreme compute performance.

“Tadpole Computer has taken the lead as Sun Microsystems’ first iForce(SM) Partner to develop complimentary hardware solutions using the AMD Opteron processor,” stated Mark Johnston, CEO of Tadpole Computer. “By taking advantage of the Sun-AMD alliance, we’re able to deliver the highest performance notebook on the market for both 32- and 64-bit applications. As always, our solutions are innovative and highly relevant to our customers’ businesses while we recognize that our customers have different computing needs. We remain committed to offering them a choice—including helping them successfully scale out their systems on industry-standard x86 platforms running the Linux operating system.”

“Tadpole has created a very customer-focused product with their AMD Opteron processor-based platform,” said Ben Williams, director of the Server/Workstation business segment at AMD. “With the installed Java Desktop system and the AMD Opteron processor’s phenomenal 32- and 64-bit performance, enhanced security features capability and increased memory, Tadpole will be providing the development community a robust computing system that meets their portability needs.”

“We are experiencing tremendous demand for the Tadpole notebooks bundled with the Java Desktop System, offering a portable enterprise desktop solution built on security, open source components and industry standards,” said Peder Ulander, director of marketing, Desktop Solutions, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “We are excited about this powerful new desktop offering with AMD Opteron as it integrates some of the best technologies in the market and provides more choice for enterprise computing needs. This solution also expands our markets by delivering the Java Desktop System on high-performance, mobile desktop environments designed to meet the needs of technical computing professionals.”

Delivering Unmatched Price and Performance to Customers

The AMD Opteron processor runs 32-bit software with industry leading performance and offers a seamless upgrade path to 64-bit applications and operating systems. Customers need the increased memory addressing capability of 64-bit processors and the forthcoming Tadpole notebook solution will enable users to run increasingly complex applications without sacrificing performance or altering installed 32-bit applications.

The mobile solution is ideal for software development, scientific applications, design engineering, MCAD, CAD/CAE and financial applications. At the same time, IT managers will be able to deploy the more powerful notebook to the field without changing their software base substantially. Tadpole recognizes the different computing needs of its customers, and therefore continues to build out its notebook portfolio, offering a choice of architecture solutions incorporating Solaris, Java and Linux.

With Sun’s Java Desktop System pre-installed on the new notebooks, Tadpole customers will have access to a highly secure, comprehensive and affordable solution, giving them a better and safer alternative for handling their compute-intensive 64-bit applications.

Tadpole’s AMD Opteron processor-based notebooks will be available worldwide in Q2 2004 through Tadpole resellers and through Tadpole directly.