Under a new agreement between MIOsoft Corporation and T-Systems International (TSI), TSI will use MIOsoft's enterprise application cloud platform MIOedge™ to provide mission-critical applications and services to Deutsche Telekom AG. TSI will deliver PaaS and SaaS services using a secure virtual private cloud.

TSI's services and applications under the agreement include ordering and billing processes for Deutsche Telekom, Germany's largest telecommunications company, which are fully integrated with more than 30 of Deutsche Telekom's in-house enterprise systems. The agreement, totaling more than $8 million (€6 million), also provides for TSI's MIOedge cloud to use up to 2 petabytes of database storage for analytical and operational application services.

"MIOedge's adoption by T-Systems International and Deutsche Telekom is not just exciting for us, but also a significant moment in the industry," said Bert Barabas, MIOsoft's chief technology officer. "For possibly the first time, major components of a Global 100 company's critical processes are running in the cloud. It's wonderful to be able to help large companies leverage the flexibility and cost benefits of the cloud, especially when they're using applications that are at the core of their vital business processes and deeply integrated into their internal infrastructure."

Unlike a private cloud, a MIOedge virtual private cloud uses an external data center and the cost-effective operations support of a public cloud while dedicating secured servers to a single entity's use. To comply with European, German, and corporate data privacy requirements, the services provided for in the agreement with T-Systems International are provided exclusively from German facilities.

The new agreement is an extension of an existing Master Agreement between MIOsoft and T-Systems International, which has enabled T-Systems International to provide cloud computing services using the MIOedge platform since 2011.