Syscan International Inc. today announced that it has been selected by AMSEC LLC to provide Automatic Identification Data Collection (AIDC) Technology for the Yellow Tag Offload Process for the Department of the Navy.

U. S. Navy aircraft carriers enter a major overhaul at the mid point in their life cycle. Part of the overhaul process involves the removal of unique pieces of equipment from the ship, storage of the equipment, and reinstallation of the equipment later in the overhaul.

This material is called Yellow Tag material and is named as such because it is accompanied by a yellow tag for documentation purposes. Yellow tag material must be accounted for with 100% accuracy because the procurement costs are so high and the potential exists for delays in overhaul production schedule. Yellow tag material is unique material that would have to be fabricated and manufactured from original drawings.

Mr. Axel Striefler, President of Syscan said, “We are pleased that our newly developed RFID reader technology as well as our software expertise has been selected for a high security process that mandates 100% reliability and accuracy. We strongly believe that the successful implementation of this application will establish Syscan as a major player in traceability applications throughout North America.”

In furtherance of the application, Syscan will provide both bar code and passive Radio Frequency Identification Technology consisting of hardware (readers and RFID tags) and software services in support of AMSEC. Final delivery is scheduled for 6 January 2006.