Synology's RC18015xs+ earned "Best of VMworld 2015" Awards finalist recognition in the Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure category. The product gained honors for being a high availability (HA) cluster that: can be used for virtual storage; scales up to 1.4 PB; and handles 2,000 users. Because the network attached storage (NAS) system supports up to 128 iSCSI targets for VMware hosts and starts at under $12,000; it is designed for small to medium enterprise (SME).

For the VMworld award, the RC18015xs+ was judged by an independent team of judges comprised of experts and editors from Entries were evaluated for innovation, value, performance, reliability, and ease of use.

"With our first entry into the SME market, Synology is extremely proud to be a finalist in the Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure category for the Best of VMworld," said Franklin Hua – the company's technical marketing manager. "The RC18015xs+ offers exceptional value for businesses that want virtual storage and enterprise features, but don't have SAN budgets. It's perfect for SAN backup, and storage for specialized departments like accounting, HR, and marketing groups. It's also great for companies that work with large video or surveillance files." With the DiskStation Manager operating system, SMEs get ease of management and advanced features.

Groundbreaking Design offers Built-in High Availability and Affordable Virtual Storage
In a tough economic climate, the RC18015xs+ can help companies stay competitive in a volatile market. The storage can be scaled up to 1.4 PB as a company grows – freeing up budgets, server space, and energy consumption – until the resources are needed.

The groundbreaking design requires two server controllers (for built-in high availability) and one storage expansion unit. If one server or controller goes offline, the second server or controller automatically kicks in to continue operations.  Hardware redundancy is built-into the two server controllers, not the disks. So, the RC18015xs+ only needs one stack of drives for failover.  Compared to other redundant NAS systems, this allows IT admin to reduce the number of disks (and their cost) by up to 50 percent.

The RC18015xs+: An Ideal Virtual Storage Solution for SME
When used with VMware vSphere, the RC18015xs+ promotes a 40 to 90 percent improvement in storage performance. The RC18015xs+ is VMware Certified VAAI iSCSI and uses NFS storage acceleration to drastically reduce storage processing times.

The RC18015xs+ has:

Built-in high availability to maximize uptime.
90K random IOPs with SSDs – ideal for small business.
10 GbE with Link Aggregation support for improved throughput and network redundancy.
Multipath iSCSI connections for high quality, reliable storage with failover and load balancing.
iSCSI LUN Backup and Snapshots.
Thin Provisioning.
VMotion to allow IT admin to move running virtual machines from one physical server to another without impact to business.
Built-in encryption with Security Advisor, App Armor, and added safeguards.
Each RC18015xs+ controller costs $3,999.99, and the expansion is $3,499.99 – making the total solution less than $12,000, to start. The system runs on Synology's award-winning DiskStation Manager OS which makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to manage and protect data.