Synology America Corp., known for providing enterprise storage features at SMB price, announces its latest NAS storage solutions for SMB users – the RackStation RS815+ and the DiskStation DS2415+.  With the award-winning OS DiskStation Manager, the RS815+ is a 4-bay 1U server, expandable to 8 bays, when paired with the RX415 expansion unit.  It is available in both single and redundant power (RP) configurations to provide options for peace of mind.  The DS2415+ is a 12-bay desktop model expandable to up to 24 drives when paired with the DX1215 expansion unit, allowing up to 138TB usable storage in Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR).

Designed to help users maximize their productivity, both models include quad-core CPUs optimized for embedded applications. Both offer read speeds in excess of 380MB/s and write speeds in excess of 360MB/s.  The new chipset includes an encryption assist allowing 256-bit AES encryption for sensitive data without a noticeable performance penalty on reads, and write speeds of 158MB/s (RS815(RP)+) and 198MB/s (DS2415+).

"These new offerings are an exciting addition to our small business line," said Franklin Hua, Technical Marketing Manager at Synology America Corp.  "The addition of encryption acceleration means that business users no longer have to decide between performance and security."

The Package Center allows users to add functionality to their DiskStation or RackStation.

Cloud Station allows business users to sync files and folders with remote assets without resorting to 3rd party cloud services
Synology High Availability (SHA) allows active-passive clustering between identical Synology systems
Link aggregation and MPIO allow for improved performance and resilience over the network
Service by Interface allows admin to control which interface each enabled service will use