Symantec Corporation announced the company’s strategy for ensuring the integrity of information for Windows departments and enterprises. Key to the company’s strategy is to secure information and keep it safe from the myriad of malicious threats on the internet. Second, information must always be available, kept safe from administrator errors, hardware failures and site disasters. To deliver on the combined strategy, Symantec is building on its long-standing success and leadership position on the Windows platform with the announcement of Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers and LiveState Recovery 6.0.

“Whether it is malicious code, a natural disaster or simply a hardware failure, organizations face unprecedented levels of risk to their daily IT operations,” said Gary Bloom, vice-chairman and president, Symantec Corporation. “Today, Symantec is delivering a comprehensive data and system protection solution for Windows departments and enterprises through its market leading Symantec AntiVirus, Symantec Backup Exec and Symantec LiveState Recovery products.”

In today’s Windows environments, applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server are critical to business operations. At the same time, data volumes are exploding. Administrators have more data to manage, less time to perform routine system maintenance and have data centers that are less tolerant than ever to system outages. Backup Exec 10d and LiveState Recovery 6.0 are “designed for disk,” encompassing new features that leverage low-cost disk technology. This allows Windows organizations to deliver fast and reliable recovery of files, emails, databases and complete Windows systems.

Symantec Backup Exec 10d is focused on backup and recovery of data and includes new Continuous Data Protection Server software for backing up Windows files. Changes to files are continuously transmitted to the protection server, eliminating the backup window. Also, because the backup server stores data on disk in its native form, end users can now access their files and recover them using a standard web browser.

In addition to data recovery, system protection is also a critical issue to IT environments. If a system suffers a serious hardware failure, Windows operating systems and environments may need to be restored completely. Symantec LiveState Recovery 6.0 allows Windows systems to be recovered to virtually any kind of hardware – even if the configuration is different from the original system that failed. Together Backup Exec 10d and LiveState Recovery 6.0 enable Windows administrators to quickly and reliably recover from loss of data or systems.

Symantec has been the leader in information security and recently, through the merger with VERITAS Software, is now also the leader in Windows availability. This market leadership position uniquely enables Symantec to protect the integrity of organizations’ most valuable asset – information.