Supermicro Computer, Inc. today launched their latest dual-core, single-processor servers featuring the SUPER PDSM4/E, SUPER PDSMP-8/i, and SUPER PDSMi serverboards. Based on the new Intel® E7230 (Mukilteo) chipset, Supermicro’s new Pentium D 1U and 2U servers achieve new levels of performance while offering the high availability, compatibility and scalability previously available only with multi-processor solutions.

“Our new E7230 chipset-based products integrate the latest dual-core 64-bit server technologies into a single-processor platform that optimizes the price-to-performance ratio for small business or departmental office applications,” says Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “Designed to deliver unprecedented performance and stability, these dual-core solutions provide our partners with the best feature sets available.”

The SuperServer 5015P-T®, a redundant-power 1U server with the SUPER PDSMP-i serverboard, offers four Serial ATA ports with RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 support. These SATA ports are capable of a 3Gb/s transfer rate. The SS5015P-8® is also a redundant-power 1U server that leverages the SUPER PDSMP-8 serverboard to support four hot-swappable SCSI hard drives with SAF-TE via its dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller.

Supermicro’s new dual-core 1U servers all support up to 8GB of ECC DDR2 667/533/400 memory and dual PCI-Express LAN, providing outstanding I/O and networking performance. With an optional 400-watt additional power supply, these servers can offer even higher availability and redundancy for all applications. The unsurpassed 1U expansion capabilities include a universal slot supporting standard size PCI-X 133 or PCI-Express x4 cards and a low- profile PCI-X slot. Moreover, a unique 1U IPMI slot is available for an IPMI 2.0 add-on card with a 3rd LAN to provide system administrators with excellent manageability.

Besides all these great features, one more thing worthy of mention is the thermal design. These server systems are cooled by high quality, counter- rotating fans with optimal fan speed control. Fan speed can be defined by the user and provides the most efficient cooling while reducing noise to meet specific application requirements.

Supermicro’s new 2U dual-core SuperServer 5025M series of servers offer specifications similar to the 1U servers but with more storage (6 hard drives) and greater expandability (7 expansion slots with up to 4 PCI-X-133). In mini-1U formfactor using the SC512 or SC513 chassis, the thermally optimized SUPER PDSMi serverboard is available with a universal PCI expansion slot that supports PCI-X-133 or PCI-Express x8. This compact server solution is ideal for environments where space is at a premium. These latest dual-core servers are ready to ship now and further exemplify Supermicro’s commitment to consistently providing its partners with the finest quality server products ahead of the competition.