Supermicro Computer, Inc., known for
its engineering leadership in server design, today announced a significant
innovation that enables its 1U 6015X Series SuperServers to support up to four
PCI-Express or PCI-X add-on cards plus one IPMI 2.0 management card with a 3rd
LAN option. Packing a 700-watt high-efficiency power supply and up to 32GB of
fully buffered (FBD) DDR2 memory, these 6015X servers condense the features of
a 2U server into a 1U form factor, effectively doubling the expansion capacity
of previous 1U servers.

“Supermicro has achieved what others in the industry thought was
impossible,” asserts Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “By
combining the features of a 2U server into a 1U form factor, our customers can
now supply space-constrained enterprises with double the expansion capacity of
existing 1U installations.”

This latest innovation illustrates the advantage of Supermicro’s
comprehensive system-level design approach. Unlike most system-level
competitors, Supermicro designs the individual components that make up the
overall platform. Each building block in its SuperServers is engineered for
optimum system-level benefits. In addition to the immediate benefit of
doubling expansion capacity, 6015X Series servers protect a users’ investment
by providing room for future add-on card upgrades.

Supporting flexible combinations of four PCI-Express or PCI-X add-on
cards via universal expansion slot riser cards, these servers also support a
Supermicro Intelligent Management (SIM) card for a total of five add-on cards
in a 1U. SIM offers cost-effective IPMI 2.0 server remote management with
virtual media over LAN, optional KVM-over-LAN, and 3rd LAN support.
Powered by a high-efficiency 700-watt power supply, 6015X servers help
reduce energy costs and operate at lower temperatures compared to previous
generations. Optimized for Intel’s new Dual-Core Xeon 5100 and 5000 series
(codenamed Woodcrest and Dempsey) processors with up to 1333 MHz front-side
bus speeds, the SuperServer 6015X-T and 6015X-8 both support up to 32GB of FBD
DDR2 memory and three hot-swap drive bays.