Sun Microsystems announced the availability of the new Sun Fire E20K and E25K servers powered by new world-record performing UltraSPARC IV+ processors. Demonstrating Sun’s continued server leadership, these new high- end systems complete the upgrade of the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive server line and run the Solaris Operating System (OS), the most advanced operating system on the planet, to create an ideal platform for large scale computing enterprise consolidation.

The new Sun Fire E20K and E25K servers are available immediately. Only Sun delivers an operating platform that spans the entire server landscape — from volume servers up to scalable, high-end systems — allowing customers to reduce complexity and cost during upgrades.

With today’s announcement, Sun continues to assert its position as the world’s leading UNIX server vendor, offering up to five times greater performance than previous generations at the same power, cooling and space costs — with no increase in overall system price. In addition, customers can take advantage of these new levels of performance and “on the fly” uniboard upgrades within the same footprint.

“We are the first to upgrade high-end servers with next-generation 90 nanometer microprocessor technology, again offering customers true investment protection and the best price/performance in the industry,” said David Yen, executive vice-president of Sun Microsystems’s Scalable Systems Group.

The Sun Fire E20K and E25K servers are Sun’s massively scalable, highly available flagship data center servers that scale up to 72 UltraSPARC IV+ processors executing up to 144 simultaneous computing threads. These datacenter systems are optimized for high-volume databases, enterprise resource planning as well as customer management and decision support.

Only Sun Offers “On the Fly” Upgrades at One-Half the Cost

The new UltraSPARC IV+ processor-based uniboards can be “hot swapped” into existing Sun Fire servers so that customers don’t have to replace entire systems in order to experience performance gains. Sun Fire servers powered by UltraSPARC IV+ cost half as much than competitive systems and reclaim price/performance leadership over IBM’s POWER-based systems.