“We tested the Sun Fire V890 server with two CPUs, then four, then eight, and went from generating about 4,000 maps to 14,000 maps – more than three times the previous performance,” said Ian Sims of ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Test Team. “Our customers need to have confidence that our software performance will increase in proportion to any increase in computing power. The Sun Fire V890 server with the Solaris OS and CMT is exactly the type of infrastructure our most demanding customers are looking for.”

The Sun Fire server family provides extremely flexible and scalable platforms, capable of satisfying diverse application needs, that helps ESRI’s customers bring more sophisticated GIS data and analysis to desktops, servers, handheld devices and the Internet. Used by customers in nearly every industry, from retail, transportation/logistics, real estate, finance, and environmental agencies, to all aspects of government and education, ESRI’s GIS technology helps to integrate different systems to save valuable resources, visualize an organization’s assets, and streamline workflow processes. The price/performance and throughput advantages of the Sun Fire V890 server, coupled with the system’s reliability and availability and rock-solid Solaris 10 OS, will help ESRI reduce the cost and complexity of doing business.

“ESRI chose the Sun Fire V890 server because it is a tested, proven platform that delivers compute density with enterprise-class throughput and RAS features, enhanced by UltraSPARC IV processors from Sun,” said David Yen, executive vice president, Sun Scalable Systems Group. “Sun is implementing Chip Multi-Threading capabilities in our UltraSPARC IV processors, which offers better overall investment protection and throughput than virtually any competing system on the market.”

After deploying these Sun systems, ESRI reduced the cost and complexity within its datacenter. UltraSPARC IV technology allows for more than double application throughput of the previous generation, while helping to protect ESRI’s and its customers’ investments in both software and skills with full binary compatibility. In addition to scalability and throughput performance, the Sun Fire V890 server significantly improves manageability for ESRI, helping the organization to conduct remote administration for its data centers. With this feature, ESRI technicians are consistently able to reconfigure in a lights-out data center from a remote location, which fosters simplified systems management.