Epson Canada Ltd. continues to demonstrate its engineering leadership with the launch of the Epson PowerLite 750c and PC-free/wireless PowerLite 755c. Both sub-four-pound models feature Epson’s 3-chip LCD technology for superior image quality and colour performance, as well as a proprietary lamp technology that enables Epson’s exclusive Instant Off feature. The PowerLite 750c (3.8 pounds) and PowerLite 755c (3.9 pounds), respectively replace Epson’s PowerLite 732c and PowerLite 737c.

About Epson 3LCD “A Better Way to See”

Epson 3LCD technology utilizes one LCD chip each for red, green and blue to form a continuous image with smooth, rapid motion video that is free of artifacts. It works without a moving colour wheel and offers accurate colour registration, assuring detailed video and data images that are crisp and rainbow-free. Epson 3LCD produces an optimal viewing experience with more detail and accurate colours.

Efficient Lamp Technology Enables Exclusive Instant Off Feature

In the past, projector users have had to worry about waiting to unplug their projector after the cool down period. To alleviate this concern, Epson created a proprietary feature called Instant Off. Once the user presses the power button off, there is no need for additional cooling time, so the projector immediately shuts down and can b e unplugged and packed up for the next meeting without the noise or delays often associated with cool-down cycles. This feature is enabled by E-TORL (Epson Twin Optimized Reflection Lamp) technology, a unique, lower watt solution that still maintains optimum levels of brightness.

“These two products not only enhance our line of Commuter Series projectors, but more importantly, they represent Epson’s engineering leadership,” said Tony Rossi, Director, Sales and Marketing, Epson Canada Ltd. “Whether you’re an on-the-go business person who places a premium on ease of use and quick setup and shutdown times, or maybe a photographer with especially strict standards for colour accuracy, saturation and overall image quality, these models are designed to satisfy these demands and so much more.”

Both projectors feature native-XGA resolution (1,024 x 768), 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and sleek, travel-friendly designs (7.6″D x 10.9″W x 2.7″H). They are not only slim and compact enough to carry in most briefcases or shoulder bags, but also include several connectivity options and quick and easy setup/shutdown capabilities.

Fast, Easy Setup

The PowerLite 750c and 755c offer several easy-to-use setup features that help presenters get up and running quickly. Powering on the projector requires only seven seconds of warming up before a picture appears on the screen and a 1.2x optical zoom lens allows the display size to be adjusted to project large images from relatively short throw distances. Setup is further simplified with 30-degree automatic keystone correction, which corrects within one second.

The Ultimate Slide Show Device for Professional or Advanced Amateur Photographers and More

Several of the advanced features in the PowerLite 750c and 755c are engineered to appeal to more than just business professionals. In the case of the PowerLite 755c, the projector’s PC-free operation is designed to give photographers and other high-end digital artists a valuable presentation tool. Built-in software enables digital images such as high-resolution jpeg photos, presentations and MPEG-2 videos to be projected in PC-free slideshows via storage devices such as USB memory, external hard driv es or directly from digital cameras using the projector’s built-in PCMCIA and USB slots. Furthermore, slideshows can be controlled by the projector either manually or with automatic/timed advancement.

For users who place a premium on colour accuracy and gamut, the PowerLite 750c and PowerLite 755c offer 32-bit colour output and several adjustment tools that typically aren’t available on most portable projectors. Whether the user is projecting images with or without a PC, colour control and accuracy can be maintained by adjusting the projectors’ independent red, green and blue channels and by choosing among several individual Kelvin settings.

High-Speed 802.11g WiFi Connectivity and LEAP-Enabled Security

The PowerLite 755c takes advantage of 802.11g internal WiFi technology, enabling users to upload or run presentations wirelessly at frame rates up to two to five times faster than 802.11b. Whether transferring data via 802.11 “b” or “g,” Epson’s unique and proprietary algorithm allows for fast wireless streaming and transitions. Like its sibling model, the Epson PowerLite 765c, the PowerLite 755c comes with an 802.11b/g card. These models are currently the industry’s only projectors to offer wireless compatibility with Apple’s Keynote software (OS 10.3 or later) and are also the only projectors of their kind to offer both LEAP-authentication and WEP/WPA for secure, encrypted wireless transmissions. Epson’s proprietary algorithms improve transfer speed.