Starting this week, high school or university students can experience a free 3D study abroad adventure by picking up 3D glasses distributed on school campuses by EF Education First. The glasses come with an invitation to watch a unique 3D video at

In the “Open your world” video, students are treated to a magical 3D adventure in London, New York and other cities around the world. The actual characters, dancers and artists are played by actors, while stereoscopic 3D animations bring surprise situations and magic.

“EF offers study abroad programs that can change young people’s lives, a positive experience that teachers in general recommend. But to get this positive message out to the actual students we have to communicate in a way that appeals to young people today. And we hope 3D will grab students’ attention,” says Mats Ulenius, Marketing Director at EF. “Our wish is of course that students will also want to ‘open their world’ in real life as well.”

Students who haven’t found the 3D glasses at their high school or university can order the glasses for free at