CyberhuntLIVE, a patent-pending online treasure hunt game where players can win up to $5000 per week, seems to have great appeal to college students.

<p.Tim Brick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, attributes this to the college-aged persons' familiarity with the Internet and online games, as well as the ability to make extra money without leaving their computer. "Our game fits nicely with the college lifestyle. Players log in whenever they have time, over the course of a week, to play the game and win cash."

The company has also built an Independent Business Developer program, which allows people to earn money selling subscriptions to the site and game sponsorships.

“While the game seems to have great appeal to college students, we have players across the demographic spectrum due to the Independent Business Developer program. People are signing up to play the game, and becoming IBDs once they realize the income potential,” states Mr. Brick.

“We can deliver potential clients to a specific page of a sponsor’s website and guarantee they will watch the video or listen to the audio or read the copy – whatever the sponsor wants. That is why we have numerous patents being processed, and the reason older professionals see such an upside in becoming involved with our business.”