Strategic Vista International Inc., a global provider of digital video and security surveillance
products, introduces 11 new CCTV camera models to be sold under its DIGIMERGE
and LOREX brand names.

Focusing on the increased demand in the retail and professional security
markets for surveillance cameras, SVII’s new cameras provide enhanced
functionality at a significantly lower price. Consumers now have access to
‘high end’ camera technology, including night-vision and weather resistance,
at a price once reserved for entry level video cameras. As part of this
introduction, two dome cameras and three bullet cameras will be marketed to
security professionals under the DIGIMERGE brand. Retail consumers will be
able to purchase six LOREX brand models, including two dome, and four bullet

“Each of these models changes the paradigm where the benefits of advanced
CCTV camera technology is now available to broader segments of the
professional and retail markets,” says Bernie Klein, Chairman and CEO, SVII.

“We are confident that these new cameras will help to expand the overall
market as more businesses and consumers will now be able to afford the
advantages of CCTV systems”.

The DIGIMERGE dome cameras offer vandal and tamper resistant housing, as
well as variable and fixed focal length lenses. All cameras are day/night
capable allowing for night time visibility ranging from 30 to 60 feet, making
them ideal for a number of applications, such as monitoring of parking lots,
large warehouses and building perimeters.

All 11 models of the new cameras are available for sale in the fourth
quarter 2005.