Strata today announced that its shipping Strata 3D Vector, a rendering plug-in to its popular Strata 3D CX application. The plug-in is based on RAViX II technology licensed from Electric Rain, a Boulder Colorado company.

RAViX is the industry leading solution for creating high-quality, low bandwidth, scaleable 3D vector animations for Flash-enabled Websites. In addition to Flash output, the Strata 3D Vector plug-in creates high quality Adobe Illustrator based images.

Users Power-Up
Scott Thigpen is a renowned illustrator with a long list of clients including Modern Bride Magazine and Snapple. Recently Scott was looking for a smooth way to integrate 3D into his stylistic illustrations and came across Strata 3D CX and Vector. Within a week Scott was up and creating in 3D:

“This is so unbelievable to build my simple backgrounds and send them straight into Illustrator. It works like a dream. I was very impressed and I’m very happy!”

Check out Scott’s work at To see his newest work integrating 3D go to

Macromedia Makes it Official
Macromedia, creators of the Flash player technology, agrees that Strata 3D Vector adds power to the user’s toolset:

“It’s great to see how well Strata 3D does in exporting .swf files. Taking Strata’s rich 3D renderings into vector animations makes for fabulous Flash content. From our standpoint at Macromedia, it’s great to further broaden the appeal of Flash into the Strata Community and with desktop designers, and it makes the Flash format that much stronger as an industry standard.”

Available Now
Strata 3D Vector is now shipping as a separate plug-in to Strata 3D CX for just $139. Users can purchase from Strata’s online store or from one of the many distributors worldwide handling Strata’s product line.