StorageDNA announced the release of a CatDV integration option for their DNA Evolution product line. The option will be free for all current customers with a support contract and anyone that purchases a DNA Evolution system with support before the end of June 2012. This option will fully automate archive and restore workflows for CatDV, a popular cataloging and media asset management tool for film and video professionals.

StorageDNA has made the workflow easy enough for anyone to backup and restore their media assets using the CatDV interface. From the CatDV interface, end-users can prepare one or more assets for archiving by changing a status bit to “Archive to SDNA.” From that point on, DNA Evolution automates the entire process – from identifying media files, to copying the files to LTO, computing checksums and also moving the media assets to a quarantine location. DNA Evolution reports the status of the archive, the LTO tape, file checksum and other details back to CatDV and can be browsed directly from the CatDV interface. DNA Evolution dynamically enables a fluid restore workflow. As assets are often restored to a different location, DNA Evolution supports restoring assets to their original or multiple alternate locations. This gives complete flexibility on how a user can configure their SAN workspaces. Paired with direct-to-tape architecture and SAS/FC based connectivity – DNA Evolution fully maximizes the 1.2 Gb/sec performance of LTO-5.

Tridib Chakravarty, C.E.O. of StorageDNA, states, “Native LTFS workflows have been validated by Quantum, IBM and HP as the next generation of LTO archive solutions. Our commitment is to create cost-effective workflows around popular media needs and systems. CatDV has a powerful, yet affordable asset management system. Now they can integrate into a seamless StorageDNA LTFS LTO workflow.”

Bryson Jones, co-founder of HiDef Cowboy, comments, “As an integrator who’s made it my focus to help mid-sized producers deliver at Enterprise levels, I appreciate solutions that can handle the pace of modern post production. Now StorageDNA’s DNA Evolution combines the speed of a direct attached drive system, web-based administration and the compatibility of LTFS to provide a fast, reliable archive solution for CatDV integrations.

The StorageDNA CatDV option is one of many new product enhancements that will allow DNA Evolution users to automate their existing media pipelines while utilizing different editing and asset management applications from various software and hardware vendors.