STMicroelectronics Launches Family of One-Chip Optical Mice

    STMicroelectronics, a worldwide leader in System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions, has introduced a new family of single-chip mice that deliver an unprecedented level of performance at a competitive price. Independently developed by ST, the chips are the first in a new family of standard optical mice ICs that benefit customers with high levels of integration, excellent navigation performance and low-power operation, while remaining within the strict cost structures of the PC accessory market.

    The VT5363, a complete solid-state tracking engine with no moving parts, supports 2-, 3-, or 5-button mouse designs with a scroll-wheel encoder. The device contains a dual USB/PS2 interface with automatic interface selection and may be powered directly from the USB or PS2 port. A single 6MHz resonator provides all the clock requirements and an external EEPROM may be used to implement customer-specific USB configurations. The VT5363 sensor, with a resolution of 800 counts per inch (cpi) and a frame rate of 9,600 frames per second (fps), suits wired optical USB/PS2 mouse implementations.

    The VT5365 offers a frame rate up to 10,000 fps and resolution programmable up to 3200 cpi, with a default resolution of 800 cpi. This IC is the first generally available System-on-Chip for use in wireless optical mice. The VT5365 delivers state-of-the-art power economy and ST estimates that a typical user will be able to run a mouse based on this chip for more than nine months without having to change batteries, based on a design using two AA alkaline batteries and an ST-developed typical user model. The chip does not require an external microcontroller.

    Key features of another device, the VT5366, include its high integration of image capture and signal processing circuitry, a frame rate up to 9,600 fps, and the long battery life. This chip targets all optical mouse applications including USB/PS2 to 27MHz/2.4GHz Wireless, and Bluetooth.

    All three devices in the family suit LED- and laser-based mice, track at up to 40 inches per second (ips) and have been designed to enable excellent navigation control and precision on a wide range of surfaces. Housed in the LOQFP (Low Profile Optical Quad Flat Pack), the smallest package available on the market (7x7mm and 32 pins), the chips are suitable for use in small form- factor mice demanded by laptop users. Minimal external circuitry is required, thereby reducing BOM (Bill-of-Material) and assembly costs.

    Samples of all three products have been shipped to key customers with full production expected in Q2 2006. In 100,000 unit quantities, the VT5363, VT5365, and VT5366 cost $1.2, $1.5, and $1.1, respectively.