A recent STAPLES Canada survey finds that over half of Canadians still
rate the economy as poor (59 per cent). The survey also found that 34 per cent
expect to spend less on back-to-school supplies.

“We know the economy will be weighing on parents’ minds when shopping for
their children’s school supplies this year,” said Steve Matyas, President of
Staples Canada. “This is one way we are trying to help make shopping for
supplies easy for parents, by offering low prices, quality products and a vast
selection. I’m happy to say we’ve reduced our prices on a great deal of
back-to-school essentials.”

The results of the survey and a corporate-wide commitment to help
school-age children acquire the back-to-school tools they need at reasonable
prices, combined with difficult economic times, drove the retailer’s decision
to lower prices on even more products this year.

“This decision is part of our commitment to offer the best selection of
back-to-school products at the lowest prices possible during these uncertain
economic times. We also want to remind customers of our Low Price Guarantee,
in place to help them save even more this year and reduce the uncertainty that
they’re getting the best deals available,” continued Matyas.

In addition to substantially reducing prices on many back-to-school
items, the retailer reminds customers about their 110 per cent Low Price
Guarantee, a price match program STAPLES launched in 2005.