SPYR APPS Mobile Game Plucky is Now Available to Over 900 Million Android Devices through the Google Play Store

    SPYR, INC., a holding company with wholly-owned subsidiaries in the digital publishing and advertising industry, mobile game and app development industry, and the food service industry, today announced that SPYR APPS' debut game, Plucky, is now featured and available for download in the Google Play Store.

    Are you ready to take on the challenge that Plucky has in store for you? Plucky requires players to think and act fast as they try to shoot Plucky the puck into his matching-colored goal before the shot clock runs out.  Plucky features multiple "zones" and multiple levels within each zone, all with progressive difficulty.  Shoot consecutive good shots to build up a massive multiplier, achieve high scores and win stars to unlock new zones and levels for more challenging play that requires more finesse to find the right target as the game progresses.

    With the launch of Plucky in the Google Play Store, SPYR APPS' debut game is now available on more than 75% of all mobile devices around the world.  In 2014 alone, over 900 million Android devices were sold globally.  SPYR is coupling the release of Plucky with a strategic marketing campaign and expects to see a large number of downloads soon after launch.  Large numbers of downloads combined with good in-app advertising should translate to strong revenue from Plucky.

    SPYR APPS' goal is to create a diverse portfolio of "freemium" games that are downloaded and installed by users for free, generating revenues through advertising, and by players making in-game purchases to enhance their experience.

    James R. Thompson, CEO of SPYR, Inc., comments, "It is exciting to be launching our first game less than one month after the announcement of the creation of SPYR APPS and ahead of our anticipated end of quarter launch.  SPYR is looking to be a serious competitor in the mobile games and apps marketplace and we believe thatPlucky is a strong debut into this arena."