Sprylogics International Corp., a technology provider of local mobile search and messaging solutions for consumers and businesses has signed an agreement with Keek, a mobile video app, to collaborate and explore sharing technology and expertise around a broad segment of cross-platform opportunities, including the deployment of Sprylogics' semantic processing engine into Keek's mobile platform. As part of this agreement, Sprylogics will provide semantic content analysis to Keek, including exploring utilizing the indexing and search services in Sprylogics, core infrastructure, and Natural Language Processing capabilities, as well as various machine learning classifiers, semantic and local search technologies available through Sprylogics APIs and distributed content infrastructure.

"I'm very excited about what we can accomplish via this strategic relationship with Keek", says Marvin Igelman", CEO of Sprylogics. "This represents one of the broadest technology and business development partnership we have ever cemented, as it covers access to our SDK platform, API access, consulting expertise, as well as our core semantic analysis infrastructure."

"We look forward to benefiting from Sprylogics' software architecture expertise to develop new capabilities for Keek users, based on Sprylogics' intelligent search, aggregation and classification technologies," says Gerry Feldman, Interim CEO and Director of Keek.

Sprylogics aggregates content that ranges across the most commonly used searched subjects (video, restaurants, movies, coupons, events, businesses, people, weather), enabling users to discover, view, discuss, share movies, restaurants, videos, make reservations, find the lowest gas prices, save with local offers, book events, add to their calendar, all "without leaving the app."