Sprylogics International Corp., a technology provider of semantic search and local mobile search for consumers and businesses, is pleased to announce that its ground breaking new app, BreakingSports, the sports news app that delivers the quickest social media sourced alerts, has launched "Live-Feeds."  

This revolutionary new functionality dramatically improves search and discovery of live-streaming platforms like Periscope and Meerkat by delivering real-time videos to BreakingSports app users based on their subscriptions and filters.

One of the biggest problems faced by today's mobile world is search and discovery. As a platform/network grows, so does the amount of content, which makes it increasingly difficult for consumers to find the information they want.

BreakingSports allows users to subscribe to their favorite teams and players so that they never miss a beat. Whether it's a headline, injury, trade, or scoring alert, BreakingSports users are the first to know.

Now, using the same technology that delivers content from social networks, BreakingSports allows its users to subscribe to "Live-Feed" alerts for their favorite teams and players in Periscope and Meerkat.  Fans can now get an alert when there is a live-stream for things like warm-ups, fan reactions, pre-game, and post-game interviews, directly from the source.

"This new functionality combined with subscriptions, filtering and custom alerts goes deeper into social media sports content, with real-time live streaming of your teams and players," said Marvin Igelman, CEO of Sprylogics.  "Until now, this content has been hard to find and is not easily delivered to users as they wish.  With BreakingSports, fans and fantasy players can now get alerted, discover and watch real-time video as its happening."

BreakingSports delivers the fastest breaking sports news and alerts users by integrating social media sourced updates. Through specialized algorithms, BreakingSports taps social media for the latest sports news and delivers it to users in fully automated real time manner.

Additional BreakingSports features include:

  • News Feed – View news feed for personalized subscriptions
  • Filter Alerts – Select which type of news is most important to you, from injuries to rumors
  • League News – View and search news by league for the latest updates
  • Scores – Follow current and upcoming games via the game calendar for in-game alerts
  • Player Stats – View game and season stats in player profiles
  • Individual News – Access team or player specific news by selecting them from your customizable subscription list
  • Share – Send friends links to important updates via email or text

Compared to other similar products, BreakingSports has the differentiated advantage of not requiring human intervention when detecting and generating alerts, thereby enabling faster delivery of relevant information. Through a simple-to-use interface BreakingSports users specify what teams and players they are interested in as well as what type of events they care about, such as injuries, roster moves, line-up changes, statistics, rumours and more.