Spreed’s research in the area of reading enhancement
technologies has been used to create a simple and user friendly interface for
consuming text-based content. Their proprietary reader both increases reading
speed and reduces the problems faced with the restrictive form factor found on
mobile devices. The product will be launched on the Apple iPhone and the
company will be releasing a version for the RIM Blackberry in the near future.

When asked about the launch of their new product, Anthony Novac, CEO of
Spreed Inc. stated that, “Spreed is very excited to be one of the first
Canadian innovators developing applications for the iPhone. Moreover, we’re
happy to be launching our first product at the same time as the launch of the
iPhone 3G here in Canada. Rich mobile devices such as these offer huge
potential for consuming media on the go. We at Spreed have embraced the power
of the iPhone to provide the best news-based service possible. Users will be
able to keep in touch with the news in just a few minutes every day. They need
to try it to experience the benefits.”

Spreed:News offers users a simple and easy way of customizing and
consuming their news through their iPhone. Users can choose from a number of
pre-defined news and blog sources or add their own and then view the articles
through Spreed’s proprietary high speed news reader. Prior to Spreed,
consuming text on a mobile device was less than ideal with limited screen size
being the limiting factor. The Spreed mobile application lets users customize,
navigate and view their news rapidly. The application is just one of many
products Spreed will be releasing in the near future that leverage the power
of the computer to enhance reading and tackle the problem of information