Dropped cell calls, and slow mobile
downloads are a thing of the past for wireless subscribers on a PCS network,
thanks to the newest product from Spotwave Wireless, an established provider
of indoor wireless coverage solutions. Z1900, the company’s intelligent
wireless repeater for residential use, seamlessly brings the outdoor signal
inside for users at home, enabling them to use their cell phones and other
wireless devices where they previously could not.

Using patented network-friendly technology from the company’s enterprise
product line, Spotwave has solved the problems associated with poor coverage
at home and in small offices. Designed to be set up in less than 30 minutes,
and priced at $399, the product can improve coverage in homes and small
offices up to 2,500 square feet – or, about 15 cents a square foot.

Field tested in hundreds of homes across North America, early customers
and dealers are clearly impressed with the Z1900 product. California-based
Sandy Pringle is just such a customer. “Both my wife and I rely on our cell
phones for work, but we’ve had limited coverage at home,” said Mr. Pringle.
“We needed to be accessible at all times so we responded quickly when we heard
the Z1900 was on the market. I’m tremendously impressed with this product –
setup was a snap and within minutes I had solid reliable coverage through my
entire house. Now we’re reachable when we need to be.”

The wireless channel is also keen for a Spotwave solution to offer their
SOHO customers. “Spotwave provides the ideal solution for us to offer our
customers at home,” said Doug McGregor, Principal of FirstComm, an
Ottawa-based wireless VAR. “It’s a cost effective, easily implemented solution
for people dependent on their wireless devices, and a perfect complement to
our existing offerings.”

Designed for home and small offices, Z1900 improves indoor signal
strength of cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices across the entire PCS
band (1900 MHz). The result is clear voice quality with maximum data
throughput for cell phones, PDAs and 3G enabled devices. It is an ideal
solution for wireless subscribers frustrated by the inability to use wireless
devices indoors due to poor signal strength. It also provides a compelling
offering for wireless VARs and Home Automation Resellers to provide to their
existing customer base.

The Z1900 product is the only network-protecting, intelligent coverage
system available for small office home office (SOHO) and residential spaces.
It uses patented technology from Spotwave enterprise products to constantly
monitor indoor signal strength – preventing oscillation and harmful
interference while ensuring the best signal possible for users. While “dumb”
boosters and amplifiers can create interference that reduces user performance
and can degrade network capacity, the Z1900’s intelligent power management
actually preserves – and enhances the performance of PCS networks. It also
emits very low power to cell phones and other wireless devices, extending the
phone’s battery life while it improves signal. More information on the Z1900
can be found at www.spotwave.com/residential.