Water-resistant aluminium body for active lifestyles
* Stylish “stick & ring” design
* Unique combination of integral G-sensor and sports functions (footstep,
distance & calorie counters and stop-watch)
* Music Pacer(TM)
* Multi-codec compatibility
* Shuffle Shake

The Walkman NW-S200 Series Sports MP3 Players are compact and lightweight, yet packed with unique features. These include a durable, water-resistant body; various playback options including “Music Pacer(TM)” and “Shuffle Shake” functions, FM tuner and integral sports counters.

In sleek and seamless aluminium, the NW-E200 Series can withstand water splashes from wet hands, perspiration or outdoor use, even in wet or snowy weather conditions. At the same time its stylish “stick & ring” design in silver, pink or black will appeal to those who just want their MP3 player to look good.


The Walkman NW-S200 Sports MP3 player features in-built product intelligence to support its sports counter functions. Via an integral gravity sensor and simple-to-use graphical user interface, real-time calorie usage, distance travelled, steps taken and running time can be monitored, eliminating the need to carry a separate pedometer or stop-watch whilst exercising.

Users can also set personal targets for each exercise session so that the music stops after a specific time period has lapsed, calories expended or distance has been travelled.

All functions are operated via a simple jog dial shuttle for ease of use whilst the user is on the move.

A number of intelligent sound and playback features enhance the listening experience, whatever the user is doing. The “Music Pacer(TM)” feature can be activated to automatically detect the user’s pace of step and change the music accordingly from pre-made playlists.


The NW-S200 Series features a dynamic normaliser that can be activated to minimise the difference in volume level between each song for comfortable playback, whilst preset sound equaliser functions can be adjusted between different genres of music to maximise the quality of sound. The user can also alternate quickly and easily between shuffle and normal playback modes by shaking the Walkman NW-S200 three times.


Sony’s pioneering speed charge feature provides three hours of continuous music playback time after a three minute charge, and becomes fully charged after forty five minutes providing eighteen hours of continuous playback (when power save setting is “ON-Super,” the sound quality setting (Equalizer) is “OFF,” and G Sensor setting is “OFF.” Music files encoded with ATRAC format (encoded in 132kbps).

The Walkman NW-S200 Sports MP3 Player comes with earphones and an armband for sports use, whilst an optional metallic chain neckstrap is also available for purchase.

All major codecs are supported including MP3, Atrac, and non-DRM WMA and AAC files. Music can be ripped from the user’s CD collection via SonicStage or purchased via Sony Connect. With more than 1 million tracks available for download, the CONNECT on-line music store offers a wide range of music directly from the SonicStage software. It makes it very easy to download tracks to your pc and to transfer & synchronise all your favourite songs and playlists to your Walkman.

“It has been almost 30 years since Sony launched the iconic Walkman, and the Walkman NW-S200 series represents its latest reincarnation, the first of a new generation of intelligent digital music players which are robust, lightweight and packed with features, yet look stylish and sleek for everyday use,” said Dave Andrews, Product Manager for WALKMAN at Sony UK Limited.

The Walkman NW-S200 series will be available throughout Europe from September 2006.