Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada’s leading electronic
and computer products solutions provider for consumers and business, today
unveiled its next-generation, style-leading Walkman digital music players.

Offered in a first-of-its-kind water-resistant, cylindrical aluminum
casing, the sleek Walkman NW-S203F and NW-S205F digital music players will be
of particular interest to those seeking both sports and fashion solutions.
They weigh less than one ounce.
Based on Sony’s G-Sensor technology, which recognizes speed variation,
the players’ Music Pacer feature integrates music into the workout
experience, for example. With the Music Pacer feature, the player gauges
tempo, automatically switching to the appropriate personalized walking or
running playlist to match a user’s stride. The Shuffle Shake feature lets a
user easily and quickly switch to shuffle mode by shaking the player three
times within two seconds. Based on the fact it is water-resistant, the new
Walkman digital music players are suitable for all types of sporting

If users want to increase intensity when walking or running, the set
target feature allows them to input the amount of time, calories or distance
they want to achieve for their workouts, so the music will play until the
target is achieved. (In Sports mode).
The player will record the step count, distance and calories burned
history from a users’ last seven workouts, so that they can track their
progress. They can also use it as a stopwatch to time themselves.

The built-in FM tuner (87.5 – 108.0 MHz (megahertz) not only lets users
listen to their favorite radio stations and sets the most visited stations so
they can easily and quickly find them, but it can also be used to tune into TV
programs playing in many gyms, for example. As with the last generation of
Walkman digital music players, just three minutes of charge-time will result
in up to three hours of playback. At full battery capacity, users can enjoy up
to 18 hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure (achieved when power save
setting is “ON-Super,” the sound quality setting (Equalizer) is “OFF” and
G-Sensor setting is “OFF.”)
The new Walkman digital music players fit easily into the included
armband, which straps securely and comfortably around one’s arm. Though
compact, the players can store up to 1,350 songs on the 2 GB (gigabyte)
NW-S205F model and 685 songs on the 1 GB NW-S203F model.

“Sony created the portable music category in 1979 with Walkman – and
Walkman is continuing to set the standard for rugged individualism in digital
music players with this latest generation of products,” said Gabrielle Holmes,
Senior Marketing Manager, Portable Audio Products, AV/IT Marketing Group, Sony
of Canada Ltd. “Walkman allows consumers to listen to the music they want to
listen to anywhere, anytime on a device that is dramatically different than
anything currently available in the Canadian marketplace.”

To simplify the music management process, these new devices support MP3,
ATRAC , WMA (non-DRM) and AAC (non-DRM) music files. They include
SonicStage CP software to import, manage and transfer music collections.

For added flexibility, the new Walkman digital music player’s distinctive
one-line organic electroluminescence (OEL) display accommodates both
left-handed and right-handed users alike. With its ability to rotate the
orientation of the display, track and title names, the time and date, plus
other information can now be viewed however the user prefers.
The devices come with black, sports-style headphones and an armband. To
enhance the sound, users can set the equalizer to match the type of music they
are listening to (jazz, pop, heavy or custom) or simply turn it off.
The latest Walkman digital music players will be generally available in
September. However, will begin accepting pre-orders in late
August. The NW-S203F will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
of $149.99 and the NW-S205F player will have an MSRP of $179.99.