Sony Online Entertainment Inc. a global leader in the online games industry, announced that EverQuest Prophecy of Ro, the eleventh expansion for EverQuest, is shipping to retail stores in North America and is now available for download. The retail version of the game includes Prophecy of Ro, and a special in-game item of a unique warhorse mount. The new expansion can also be purchased and downloaded directly through the game or via the Station store at

“As we approach the seventh anniversary of EverQuest, players will be delighted with the variety of new features they will encounter in EverQuest Prophecy of Ro,” said Chris Sturr, Sr. Brand Manager, Sony Online Entertainment. “EverQuest Prophecy of Ro continues the innovation of the world of Norrath with new features such as all-new player set traps, spheres of influence and destructible objects while advancing the fascinating story of EverQuest with the introduction of 30 new missions across seven new zones and a brand new Freeport.”

Three new gameplay features are being added to the ever-growing online world of EverQuest. The first, Spheres of Influence, can be used to thwart your enemies or aid allies. They fall into two categories: Spheres of Influence and Auras. Spheres of Influence are areas in the game world that affect players in a variety of ways similar to spells, such as increased mana or health regeneration or decreased movement. Auras are player-created Spheres of Influence and vary by class. The second feature is a trap system that will let players deceive opponents with player-set traps. Players can obtain traps in the same way as spells, through specific quests and mission rewards. The visual appearance of traps includes a powder keg, spike trap, totem and a floating skull.

And for the first time in EverQuest, players will be able to destroy objects in the world; doors can be bashed in, walls can be toppled and encampments can be destroyed, leading to a new level of interactivity within the game and opening up a new realm of design.