The advanced flash memory Network WALKMAN range from Sony today sees the addition of three new series, featuring Sony’s renowned Stamina battery life, high quality sound ATRAC3plus and direct MP3 playback. These attractively priced music players are tiny, slender and are encased in a range of vibrant colours. Many of the new series also deliver ingenious features such as an innovative 3-minute recharge for 3 hours of play(1) and a glowing Organic EL (electro-luminescence) display. All three lines- the entry NW-E100 series, mid-range NW-E400 series and the high-end NW-E500 series – are available in capacities of 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB and will be launched in April 2005.

“700 songs, or up to 45 CDs worth of songs can be stored on these tiny but very innovative players,” said Gregory Kukolj, General Manager for Personal Audio Europe. “Users want to get straight to the music, so an uncluttered, fuss-free design with easy navigation was a key consideration when planning the new Network Walkman range. We took this a stage further with qualitative organic EL technology for the display on the E400/500 series for even better visibility. Of course, Sony has always offered products with Stamina, but up to 70 hours battery life beats even our records, while the unique quick charge function on the E400/500 series means that just 3 minutes of charging results in 3 hours playback time. And all this at some very affordable and accessible price points.”

The NW-E100 series includes three models available in a range of six original colors specially created for the series. The NW-E103, NW-E105 and NW-E107 feature 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacity respectively; the 1GB model stores up to 45 CDs worth of music using ATRAC3plus compression. A round, ergonomic design delivers uncluttered and easy control, while an LCD window enables users to refer to song, artist, or album titles while listening to music. All models in the series also deliver 70 hours(2) of Stamina battery life with just one AAA alkaline battery.

Designed from durable materials such as acrylic and metallic zinc, the NW-E400 series includes the 256MB NW-E403, the 512MB NW-E405 and the 1GB NW-E407. Blending seamlessly with the black, blue, red, and green colour versions, all models feature an Organic EL display that shows three lines of text – bright and clear in daylight or darkness. Users can also view information such as time and date in a new vertical graphical layout. A built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows 50 hours(2) of playback and the quick charge function delivers an amazing 3 hours of play with just 3 minutes of recharging.

A step up from the NW-E400 series and available in the same capacity configurations, the NW-E503, NW-E505 and NW-E507 additionally deliver a built-in FM digital tuner, and are differentiated by subtle hues of silver, blue, pink, and gold variations. Both the NW-E400 and NW-E500 models also feature Sony’s widely used Jog Shuttle for easy, ambidextrous control. In addition to the 50 hour battery life from a single charge using USB bus power, the NW-E500 series also provides the same breakthrough quick charge function of 3 hours playback from just 3 minutes of recharging.

All the Network WALKMAN models include quality headphones and USB cable. The bundled SonicStage 3.0 music management software converts and manages music from CDs, handles MP3 files, and provides seamless access to the “CONNECT” Online Music Store’s catalogue of more than 500,000 tracks and albums.