Certicom Corp today announced
that Sony Ericsson will use Security Builder IPSec to build a virtual private
network client into its M600 phone, which was launched last week(1).

This is part of the same license agreement that Certicom recently announced,
under which Sony Ericsson is using Security Builder IPSec in its P990i

These announcements reflect a growing need for VPN security on handsets
as more employees use wireless devices to remotely connect to a corporation’s
network. Whereas a few years ago handset vendors offered VPN security as an
option, today VPN security is being built directly into the device – always on
but transparent to the user.

“The demand for secure remote access is driving the need for proven,
standards-based, IPSec technology in today’s handsets,” said Per-Olof Persson,
Sony Ericsson. “The M600 is the latest device to include security from
Certicom, a recognized leader in providing strong and efficient IPSec

For 20 years, Certicom has been developing strong and optimized security
implementations for resource-constrained environments. This expertise has
resulted in an IPSec module that helps companies embed a wireless VPN client
that is one-tenth the size of desktop versions but with equivalent
functionality, including support for industry-leading VPN gateways and the
latest industry standards. Security Builder IPSec also supports the Internet
Engineering Task Force IKEv2, a proposed protocol that is anticipated
to be widely used in mobile convergence.

“This latest agreement strengthens the relationship between Certicom and
Sony Ericsson which dates back to 2003. It also reinforces the growing need to
build VPN security directly into wireless devices,” said Ian McKinnon,
president and CEO of Certicom. “The M600 offers the latest in communications
features, along with the trust that valuable information is being secured by

Security Builder IPSec is one of the security services modules that
comprise the Certicom Security Architecture, a comprehensive, modular and
portable solution designed to allow developers to quickly and cost-effectively
embed security across multiple families and generations of devices. By using
Security Builder IPSec, companies can provide strong security, including
confidentiality, integrity and authentication – from handheld devices to the
corporate network.