Sony Canada has selected Halogen Software's talent management solutions to help the company achieve its long-term vision for employee development. Using Halogen's employee performance, job description and learning management modules, Sony Canada has linked performance and development to build a world class workforce across its electronics and mobile divisions and its retail stores.

The connection between talent management and business success is clear to Sony. "People drive innovation; and for our organization it's entrenched in our strategy and seen as a source of sustainable competitive advantage," says Bethany Kopstick, Human Resources Consultant, Sony Canada. "We selected Halogen because we quickly saw how they could support our organizational goals and the development of our people."

Kopstick adds that as older employees retire, Sony is placing priority on developing its talent from within to boost engagement and job satisfaction. Sony Canada's leadership believes the best way to achieve this goal is through the continuous development of its workforce. Halogen was selected because of the powerful integration between its performance and learning modules.

In support of its strategic vision for employee development, Sony Canada has used Halogen to map five core competencies into the organization's job descriptions and its employee performance management processes. Using the tightly integrated Halogen eAppraisal™, Halogen Job Description Builder™, and Halogen eLearning Manager™ modules gives Sony Canada a complete view of each employee. This helps leaders assess job fit, competency development, measures of success, and training needs. Managers can readily address areas for improvement via integrated development planning tools and fingertip access to assign learning activities.

"Our implementation was incredibly smooth — and every step of the way, Halogen's support was amazing. We now have the tools and confidence we need to advance our talent management journey, and it's all so simple to use," says Kopstick.

The solution has been very well received by executives, employees and managers, according to Kopstick. "Everyone likes that it provides a holistic view of an employee with easy-to-understand reporting and visuals. We can see right away where we need to build the organization and where we need to develop talent."

"In just a short amount of time, we've seen some major wins with talent management, thanks to Halogen," Kopstick summed up. "We see them as a long-term partner in our success."