As the importance of smart grid for the future of the nation’s infrastructure continues to grow, broadband service providers are increasingly embracing this multi-billion dollar opportunity. Broadband networks provide the robust two-way communication necessary for utilities to execute a successful smart grid strategy. While the opportunities are vast, from a broadband service provider’s point of view, they currently lack clarity. These and other issues will be explored at the SmartGrid Forum in Las Vegas on November 11-12, 2010.

“Smart grid is at the intersection of broadband communications and utilities, providing broadband service providers a fabulous opportunity to leverage their network for the good of their stakeholders and the nation as a whole,” says Bernie Arnason, conference chair of the SmartGrid Forum. “Broadband service providers are compelled to better understand the implications of smart grid on their business.” More information about the SmartGrid Forum can be found at

Topics explored at the forum include smart grid case studies, broadband enabling technologies for smart grid, utility partnership opportunities, and the role of home area networks. Leading broadband providers including Verizon and EPB will share their company’s vision for smart grid and outline their smart grid strategy.

The SmartGrid Forum has broad support from the broadband industry and, in addition to corporate sponsors Finley Engineering, Brocade, and Walker and Associates, is endorsed by the HomeGrid Forum, the HomePNA Alliance, and the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA).