, a comprehensive online travel resource, released a report that offers insight into the next generation of “must-visit” cities across the pond. For the past several years, Europe, particularly London, Paris and Rome, has become less and less affordable for travelers, while the “undiscovered” cities, like Prague and Budapest, are becoming cluttered with tourists. This report, by SmarterTravel reporter RaeJean Stokes, reveals the new European hot spots and cheap destinations across the continent.

“Over the past ten years, traveling to Europe became more and more popular and, at the same time, more and more expensive,” said RaeJean Stokes, reporter, “This list offers a variety of different cities across the continent that are new and exciting to American travelers and are still an affordable vacation.”

SmarterTravel’s report, “Ten Under-priced and On-the-rise European Cities” consists of cities the site has designated as a “must-visit,” including:

— Tallinn, Estonia. One of the few remaining fully walled and intact
cities in Europe, Tallin is not quite a dirt-cheap destination, but is
more affordable than other European cities.

— Krakow, Poland. Sharing many similarities with Prague, including lavish
churches, outdoor cafes and hearty food, Krakow is inexpensive and
relatively undiscovered by tourists.

— Dubrovnik, Croatia. A former hotspot for vacationing Europeans in the
’80s, Dubrovnik is beginning to shine again after the wars that tore
apart the Balkans in the ’90s and still remains, as George Bernard Shaw
put it, ‘heaven on earth.’

— Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most dynamic cities in the
Mediterranean, a mix of Eastern and Western civilizations. Getting to
the city is easy, as many flights depart from New York and other major
American cities each day.

— Ljubljana, Slovenia. Legend says the city was founded by Jason and the
Argonauts. Although Slovenia is a new member of the European Union,
prices in the city are not yet out of reach for tourists.

— Kyiv, Ukraine. The gold-domed city of Kyiv (Kiev in Russian) is still
reeling from the 2004 Orange Revolution, but Kyivans have a can-do
attitude, and it’s starting to show in the local tourist industry.

— Bruges, Belgium. As ancient as it is beautiful, Bruges is a heaven for
foodies. And, the town center teems with monuments, churches, gardens
and statues, and the air is scented with waffles, chocolates and beer.

— Kosice, Slovakia. Almost completely undiscovered by Americans, Kosice
is an unassuming town in an unassuming country, with affordable
accommodations and very inexpensive quality three-course meals.

— Sarajevo, Bosnia. Sarajevo is a city to be approached with care and
respect; however, it has much to offer for open-minded tourists that
love an adventure.

— Gdansk, Poland. Situated on the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is known for its
clean and well-maintained beaches. Accommodations are easy to find, and
there is a varied dining scene with options for all budgets.

“Even with all the usual, popular spots, Europe still offers hidden gems that are reasonably priced, without lots of tourists,” said Anne Banas, executive editor, “These cities offer history and culture, as well as a vacation that fits into a traveler’s budget.”