Smart Processing Solutions Inc., a leading
provider of transaction processing software solutions and a division of TNS
Group of Companies, announces that Automated Systems America, Inc. (ASAI),
with its Head Office in Glendale, California, is using the Smart Processing
Suite software solution as its in-house processing switch to drive the
Venetian multi-purpose Kiosk as cash dispensing ATMs.

“Simply put, the Smart Processing Suite continues to be the foundation
for our success,” states John Steely, President of ASAI. “The flexibility in
the Smart Processing Suite software solution allows us to acquire prestigious
clients such as the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, one of the largest hotel
casinos in the world.”

The Smart Processing Suite is the processing platform that drives the
Venetian’s kiosks as ATMs for cash dispensing. ASAI created a solution for the
Venetian, where the TITO Kiosk (ticket in/ticket out kiosk used to redeem slot
tickets) would operate as a full function ATM for cash dispensing. This
provides the Venetian with the following benefit, says Mr. Steely, “the
Venetian works with just one piece of equipment, less floor space is taken up
and the employees only need to fill one machine with cash.”

“We are very proud of our solutions and the opportunities they continue
to create for our clients, especially in support of Casinos who are probably
one of the most demanding, in terms of their transactional uptime and service
requirements,” says Mr. Mischa Weisz, President & CEO, Smart Processing
Solutions Inc.