WORKetc founder, Daniel Barnett, today warned that small businesses moving into the cloud are likely to find themselves with serious problems if they don’t take into account the wider scope of their own operations.

“Small businesses aren’t putting enough into consideration when taking on cloud SaaS solutions.” Barnett stated. “After deciding they want to move to the cloud, a business will likely go with a popular SaaS solution such as Salesforce, Basecamp, or a Microsoft product. They realize the power of these applications, and start picking up more software for their CRM, projects, and other aspects. Before they know it, they’re dealing with a list of applications that don’t integrate properly, they’re over their heads in monthly subscription costs, and operations aren’t any more efficient. This can be detrimental to the growth of any small business.”

Barnett is a strong advocate for integrated solutions, and created his own software, a SaaS application called WORKetc, after becoming frustrated with integration issues. “Businesses hold themselves back from their true potential when managing themselves through a list of various nonintegrated software.” said Barnett. “It hurts the head to constantly jump between systems, which obviously impacts productivity. Some employees even avoid them altogether; and all the while a businesses subscription costs are mounting up.”

Barnett urges businesses to consider their own CRM, project management software, and billing when taking up any application. “We have customers who have stated they were previously managing their business through six different applications. Can you imagine managing your business through six applications? It can be a total nightmare. The idea behind WORKetc is to take all features that these multiple applications offer, and cleanly combine them into one robust, deeply integrated solution. This effectively bypasses the integration costs many businesses find themselves having to pay when going with multiple applications, and can give businesses a head start above competition.”

WORKetc has recently released extensively updated project management, calendar, and timesheet features. “Many of our customers talk about how much easier it is to log into one application to manage what they used to have to log into five applications to do. We think that’s worth something. People that have never tried integrated solutions are quick to label all-in-one applications ‘a jack of all trades but a master of none.’ We hope that with the recent release of our new project management, timesheet, and calendar features people will see just how detailed an all in one cloud computing SaaS can be.”

WORKetc is an integrated business management solution, combining CRM software, project management, billing, and support into one web based software-as-a-service. WORKetc’s goal is to see users save time, money, and generally be less stressful as a result of managing all aspects of their business through one user friendly system.