Enterprise Asset Management Systems Inc. is proud to announce the official launch of Simplify Wireless – its industry-leading mobility management software. Simplify Wireless is now available for sale through TELUS.

"We are pleased to be partnering with Enterprise Asset Management Systems to offer this best-in-class mobility management solution to our business customers," said Peter Green, SVP & President, TELUS Business Solutions.

Simplify Wireless gives customers an easy way to place orders and keep track of their fleets of mobile devices and associated users. This powerful system combines e-procurement, wireless asset management, telecom expense management, subscriber management and monthly subscription billing in one complete, easy-to-use application. It helps drive down operational costs while providing greater visibility and control over all aspects of an organization's wireless fleet.

Simplify Wireless provides a fully-automated workflow, seamlessly connecting all stakeholders involved in provisioning and maintaining a wireless fleet, including end users, wireless coordinators, expenditure officers, corporate IT departments, telcos, telco dealers, and MDM service providers. One system manages all wireless activity and results in greater efficiency and accurate, detailed reporting. Procurement and change management is fully automated and tracked, and monthly billing is automatically reconciled with accurate, up-to-date information about devices, subscriptions and plans.

Simplify Wireless has already helped several high-profile business and government customers achieve efficiencies and cost savings. Enterprise Asset Management Systems and TELUS plan to continue to work together to introduce Simplify Wireless to businesses and organizations across Canada.