When consumers turn on the new Sony VAIO desktop PCs to watch a movie, play music or compose a song, they’ll be experiencing professional theater quality sound based on the new Sound Reality processor, which features technology from SigmaTel, Inc. SigmaTel, a global leader in analog intensive, mixed-signal integrated circuits for the digital multimedia consumer electronics and computing markets, is a champion of putting professional quality audio capabilities in the hands of everyday consumers. The Sound Reality technology is a combination of SigmaTel’s theater quality 8-channel High Definition Audio codec and Sony’s DSD technology, offering consumers a professional audio quality experience not found on today’s conventional PCs.

“SigmaTel and Sony worked together to develop the Sound Reality processor for the new VAIO desktop PC family, opening up the world of professional sound creation to mainstream consumers,” said Ron Edgerton, president and CEO of SigmaTel. “Soon, the line between professional and at-home users could blur to the point where one is indistinguishable from the other.”

Powered by SigmaTel’s 8-channel High Definition Audio codec, multimedia PCs like Sony’s new VAIO PC Type R, Type H and Type V models introduced for the Japanese market last month and the VAIO RC series and selected models in the RB series now available in the US, provide music enthusiasts and home studio users with the world’s first consumer PC audio chip capable of recording and playback in the Sony DSD format; the codec used in Super Audio CDs. Additionally, these new PCs are compatible with the new Intel High Definition Audio standard providing compatibility with any Windows-compatible software.

Sony worked with SigmaTel to create a system that maintains a very high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), a measure of signal strength relative to background noise. The new Sony VAIO PC family far exceeds the sound quality of conventional PC sound processors with an average SNR of 107 dB. To get the most out of the Sound Reality technology, Sony engineers reduced electronic noise within the PC, dramatically reducing the noise generated during the sound transfer process improving total sound quality.

Additionally, the Steinberg, AG Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) API provides compatibility with high-end Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and audio editing software. ASIO technology, which was previously only available to professionals in high-end studio equipment, makes it possible for consumers to take advantage of professional sound creation and editing capabilities at competitive, mass-market prices.