Kinaxis provider of RapidResponse, delivering cloud-based SCM and S&OP applications announced that SigmaPint Technologies Inc, a Canadian-based,  world-class electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider, has selected Kinaxis RapidResponse to assist with enhanced supply chain visibility while dynamically balancing supply and demand for their customers.

SigmaPoint Technologies Inc. wants the ability to perform real-time demand and supply risk assessment with reliable in-the-moment information, allowing them to proactively identify the correct course of action in a meaningful manner. Rather than hindsight, SigmaPoint will have a forward-looking view by utilizing RapidResponse's 'what if' analysis to predict the impact of decisions prior to executing.

SigmaPoint selected the RapidResponse Inventory Management, Order Fulfillment, Master Production Scheduling, Supply Action Management and Supplier Collaboration applications to achieve those goals. With this single solution, SigmaPoint will have cross-functional capabilities for:

  • Risk Assessment,
  • Process Optimization,
  • Pipeline Responsiveness, Flexibility and Agility, and
  • Collaboration

With an ability to know sooner and act faster on evolving supply chain situations, SigmaPoint expects to reduce lead times, maximize inventory turns, enhance on-time delivery and minimize shortages all while realizing cost reductions.

"This winning formula will empower a comprehensive and long-term solution that will compress the time to identify supply chain interruptions and radically abridge the time it takes to make successful course adaptations, producing a sustainable supply chain for our customers," said Dan Bergeron, president and CEO at SigmaPoint Technologies Inc.

"We are very pleased to work with this industry-leading company," said John Sicard, chief products officer at Kinaxis. "RapidResponse will provide SigmaPoint with an end-to-end supply chain planning and response platform driving enhanced visibility, agility and risk analysis supporting best-in-class results for their customers."