The holiday season is in full swing, and while good cheer is abound us, so is stress. Best selling author, acclaimed motivational speaker and executive life coach, Gail Blanke, believes that the clutter in your environment robs your energy, saps your optimism and piles on the stress. “Now’s the perfect time to dump anything that weighs you down, holds you back or just plain makes you feel bad — from too-tight clothes, to a too-small view of yourself, to all those huge stacks of paper!” Blanke says.

Her latest book, Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear The Clutter, Find Your Life, takes you through a step-by-step, room-by-room process to remove the “life plaque” you’ve built up around yourself, so you concentrate on the things that are truly important. “Those who are finding fulfillment today are the ones who can let go of their old mindsets and old fears and adapt to the changing world around them,” Blanke says. Her book recommends that one way to do that is to use, to help clear the paper clutter and go digital. “Keeping track of important documents — from wills, to prescriptions, to financial information — can be an overwhelming task, but if they’re safely organized online, handling unexpected emergencies doesn’t seem quite so stressful,” says Blanke. founder Darren Conte couldn’t agree more. “Paper clutter is a common problem with everyone, but if your important documents can be available from anywhere at anytime – it’s a huge stress reliever,” he says.

Blanke’s mantra is: “You can’t grow, if you don’t let go!” In her speeches and workshops, she encourages people to let go of asking themselves, “How bad could it get?” and instead, start asking, “How good could I make it?” She adds, “There are a lot of things that are outside our control, but there’s a lot that’s within our control as well — that’s the part I’m interested in. When you clear the physical clutter, you clear your mind. When you clear the emotional clutter, you clear your soul. It’s time to let go!”

Blanke encourages people to visit for some extra “letting go” motivation and download her workbook to help you recycle, donate and sell the fifty things you’re throwing out. She believes that using a simple tool like can go a long way. “Life can be complicated and this economy isn’t helping. wants to help you simplify it. And best of all, it’s free,” Blanke adds.