Sierra Wireless has announced that it is expanding its product portfolio with the introduction of new adapters and embedded modules for HSUPA networks that will vastly improve the speed at which users can work while mobile. With Sierra Wireless AirCard® modems and embedded modules operating on an HSUPA network, mobile data customers will be able to send email attachments, upload information, and transmit data from portable devices at speeds more than five times faster than currently available, up to a theoretical maximum speed of 2 megabits per second (Mbps). Downlink speeds are also improved over currently available models, with a theoretical maximum download speed of 7.2 Mbps.

This improvement in uplink speed creates opportunities for a variety of new applications involving client-generated content, such as web conferencing or video surveillance, and for customers accessing and modifying corporate information through a virtual private network, the user experience is expected to significantly improve.

“The migration to HSUPA technology and its improvements, particularly to uplink speeds, will enable our network operator and OEM customers to offer a far more seamless experience to mobile data users,” said Trent Punnett, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development for Sierra Wireless. “Sierra Wireless is committed to providing a full range of products for HSUPA networks – reliable, high-quality AirCard and embedded module products that will enable wireless data customers to take advantage of the improved technology as soon as the networks are upgraded.”

Sierra Wireless’s newly unveiled HSUPA-capable product line includes two AirCard® PC cards, called the AirCard 880 and the AirCard 881; two corresponding AirCard ExpressCard modems, called the AirCard 880E and the AirCard 881E; as well as the MC8780 and the MC8781 PCI Express Mini Card embedded modules. All offer tri-band UMTS/HSPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE network access for roaming on high-speed networks worldwide. The AirCard 880, AirCard 880E, and MC8780 are optimized for better fringe performance in Europe and Asia, while the AirCard 881, AirCard 881E and MC8781 are optimized for better fringe performance on North American networks.

AirCard 880 / 880E / 881 / 881E
Sierra Wireless AirCard wireless network cards for HSUPA networks will be available in both PC card and ExpressCard form factors to serve a broad base of notebook users. All models offer Sierra Wireless’s high-performance fixed antenna, with a low profile design that keeps it out of the way while typing. Additional features new to the AirCard product line are Receive Diversity, which improves the card’s performance in fringe coverage areas, and GPS support for location based services such as mapping, weather, and traffic information applications. Commercial shipments of the AirCard product line for HSUPA networks are expected to begin mid-year 2007.

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MC8780/8781 Embedded Modules
Designed for integration into notebook computers, fixed wireless terminals, and other devices requiring high-speed wireless data connectivity, Sierra Wireless PCI Express Mini Card embedded modules for HSUPA networks are fully shielded and offer an operating temperature range of -30 to +60 degrees Celsius to suit all applications. The MC8780 and MC8781, like their new AirCard counterparts, also offer Receive Diversity and GPS support.

Sierra Wireless PCI Express Mini Card modules include a common comprehensive WHQL-certified USB software driver architecture that provides superior power management, a dedicated diagnostic channel and the ability to enable or disable NDIS or DUN support, providing maximum flexibility to OEM customers when designing their wireless product. To simplify and expedite product development cycles, Sierra Wireless also provides OEM customers with a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) or Sierra Wireless’s own Watcher™ software for easy connection management. OEM customers can rely on Sierra Wireless to deliver a suite of PCI Express Mini Card products along with best-in-class technical and integration support, so end customers experience the same reliable, robust AirCard Enabled™ data solution users have come to expect from the AirCard line of PC card products.

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Sierra Wireless will showcase AirCard PC card and embedded modules for HSUPA networks at 3GSM World Congress, to be held in Barcelona from February 12 to 15. For more information regarding product displays and demonstrations at the show, please visit the Sierra Wireless Pavilion (AV99).

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